A few of our favorite things…late September edition

A few of our favorite things!

Check out some of our many ‘favorite things’ in the shop right now:

This rustic style French pottery has #fallvibes all over it! We love the color, craftsmanship and design.

Have you checked out this awesome selection of fishing and hunting tools, advertising and more? It’s an amazing collection at great prices – great for the collector and for accent pieces!

We are in love with this long table, originally a school table, it still has the ‘Long Beach School District’ brass tag on it. It measures 107 inches long and 29 inches long and is SUPER COOl!

Leather chair alert! This one isn’t as old as some of the other ones we get, but the shape and color of it is great!

We will do a Halloween specific post soon, but until then, check out this great mix of advertising with some folk art style Halloween decor!

Watch for more of our favorite things soon!

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