A few of our favorite things: December Edition

Check out some of our current favorite things that we have in the shop right now! New goodies arrive daily, so be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

We love everything about this awesome mid century display, but are extra in love with that tall lamp. If we didn’t already have so many lamps as it is…

This little vignette makes us smile and pause every time we pass it in the shop. Never underestimate the simplicity of black and white to make a powerful style statement!

Cool stuff alert! Robert in space #4 is a new vendor, and he brings in suuuuper cool finds on a weekly basis! His style has a “vintage tools meet old advertising with a streak of classic surfer skater” and we are all about it!

The garden is popping right now! Winter is when you want to be planting all your poppies and sweet peas and the like for spring; we recently had some new plants from Annie’s Annuals arrive that are perfect for this time of year!

Blow molds are popular again this season, and while we do love a good old Santa or snowman, we are particularly into the vintage candles that have come in recently.

Love this collection! The vintage glass pairs so nicely with the holiday decor and old office supplies.

Holiday decor and some vintage furniture? Yes please! Love the color combos happening here, and the little ornaments round it all out!

This is, of course, just a small sampling of what we have in stock right now. Hope you can make it in soon to see what’s new!

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