A few of our favorite things: January ’22!

A new year is here! We are settling in to 2022 and enjoying all the new goodies in our shop. Check out a few of our favorite things below!

This little vignette in Space #11 makes us smile each time we walk by it! Such a great mix of items, textures and colors!

We love the neutral colors and fresh feel of Space #64 right now – the perfect look as we put away the holiday decorations and settle into new winter looks!

Loving this collection in Space #37! The old frames, floral designs, charming teacups – all of it wonderful!

Space #5B has some really cool pieces in right now, including that awesome cabinet and shelf piece!

We are low key in love with this old green box in Space #80. If only we had more space at home…

Space #14 is keeping the fishing game strong this winter – how amazing do those old fishing reels look displayed together?!?!

Booth #6 has this a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e turquoise storage box, complete with cool knobs, in stock right now!

We keep eyeing this super cool corner cabinet in Space #220- it’s a perfect piece for on top of a table in that corner of your house that you just don’t know what to do with!

We are always a fan of ‘instant collections’, and space #789 has you covered there with these cool jars and pitchers!

Speaking of collections, how amazing is this selection of pewter and silver in space #41?!?!

This is of course just a small sampling of what is in the shop right now! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for near daily updates, or better yet, stop in and see us soon – we are open from 10am – 5pm every single day!

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