A few of our favorite things: May 2022!

Check out a few of our favorite looks in the shop right now!

Dogs, fish, ducks? What more do you really need?

Loving the whole vibe and style of this display! Such a cute collection of books!

This super cute lawyers bookcase won’t last long – these have gotten harder and harder to come by! Cute size and we love the three pane glass style!

This cute display is ready for those summer time Memorial Day vibes! So many goodies to be found in this spot!

Love this cute collection of bookends! Would look awesome combined or mixed and matched on a large bookshelf!

This cool rustic cabinet is awesome! We love the way it’s displayed, too!

We don’t see old radios all that often any more, and are loving the look of this one!

Our garden is blooming and loving this spring weather!

This is such a cool table! And cart! And vintage kid’s scooter! And giant film reel! We want it all!

And our most favorite thing of all, of course, is Mr. Norman Naughtypants! Happy May!

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