A few of our favorite things: October 2022!

It’s time for another check on the shop: read on for a few of our favorite things!

We are loving this vibe: looks good, and those pots and bowls are all functional, too!

Fall colors coming in hot! This cool old advertising piece looks great paired with the the old crock and nifty poultry selection!

Beth!?!? Where are you, Beths – we have something with your name on it!

It’s the season for those #cabinvibes! From taxidermy to old lanterns to flannel, we have you covered!

Not into the cabin look? We have lots of other looks, including some very cool nautical displays right now!

This is such a cute little vignette! Love the color and the size of that little table – would make an awesome desk in a bedroom.

Our garden is looking extra lovely during this fall season – come in and check it out!

This look is so inviting, we kinda just want to move into this space! Love the cool hutch, comfy chair and cool boots!

This is another of our ‘current favorite displays’ – love the mix of textures and the simple color pallet.

This is of course just a sampling of what we have in stock right now – come in and see for yourself all that is new! And don’t miss our Holiday Open House – it’s coming up on November 5th, and we’d love to have you join us!

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