Winter garden = spring blooms!

It might be the middle of winter, but it’s also the time to plant now for spring! This is the time of year to plant sweet peas, poppies, larkspur, delphinium and the like. If you want a poppin’ garden full of color by early spring, get these types of plants into the ground now!

We have all sorts of great winter plants in stock right now – we just received an order from Annie’s Annuals, one of our favorites! At this time of this post, we have nine different types of sweet peas in stock, lots of poppies, lupine, bachelor buttons, scabiosa, cyclamen and much much more! Check out our short Instagram reel featuring our newest arrivals!

Take care to avoid planting during a time of extreme seasonal weather – either really cold or during a heat wave – and make sure that where you plant has good drainage; if we (hopefully!) continue to get a lot of rain this winter, you don’t want your plants to get too soggy and wet. You can easily improve drainage by adding in some compost and amendments, which is something we would add to the old to-do list for this time of year anyway. Pop in and see us soon and get your garden game on this winter!

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