A few of our favorite things: October 2021 edition

Take a peek at some of our favorite things in the shop right now!

Check out these awesome old advertising pieces! Love love love that “Ex-lax” sign, the label on the old cooler, and the bicycle stop sign!

How cool are these old lanterns? What a fun collection! We have a great selection of camping and fishing gear right now.

Really digging this combination of silver, chippy white paint and seashells in this display! It’s a great way to add a little polished style to any look. Small accent pieces can go a long way to spruce up a space, and vignettes like this are a reminder that unlikely combinations can make for great ones!

#fallvibes anyone? We are low key in love with this Colman’s Mustard box and alllll the colors in this display!

Speaking of cool display boxes, check this one out! So cute and we love how the vendor has displayed old medicine bottles in it.

It’s that boo time of year! Sharon of space #29 fame is a crafting queen, and has these adorable skulls in stock right now. They go fast, though, so come in and grab one if you like them!

This adorable vintage, metal kitchen organizer could also be really cool in an office space or craft room, too!

Is your garden fall ready? We have new plants arriving weekly – come in and put your green thumb to work!

Old windows can be used in so many different ways! We have a decent selection in stock right now, with more arriving often.

This is, of course, just a small sampling of what we have in stock right now, and new goodies arrive daily – stop in and see us soon!

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